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Petrochemical (API) cartridge seals


d = 50 ... 100 mm p max < 3.5 ... 2.2 MPa ; t max < -40 ... 250°C ; v < 15 m/s


Double seal, cartridge design, balanced, direction of rotation-dependent, multi-spring. BPD seal requires application of buffer or barrier liquid installation. The seal acc. to EN ISO 21049 (API 682): type A, category 2 or 3, arrangement 2 or 3, configuration 2CW-CW or 3CW-FB.


The BPD is a general purpose mechanical seal designed especially for pump installations for liquefied hydrocarbons of low density, and high pressures, occurring in refineries, in petrochemical and chemical industries. This mechanical seal is designed for clean media (without mechanical inclusions and abrasives): some organic acids, higher hydrocarbons, propane-butane, ethanol, acetone, cumene, unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbons (olefins CnH2n). BPD seals eliminate harmful emissions of process medium to the environment by using a tandem seal arrangement according to API 682 type 2 with cooling-separating liquid installation and atmospheric tank.
- cartridge construction, easy assembly and disassembly
- resistance against the deformation of sealing rings due to cooling
- forced circulation of quench (cooling) fluid acc. to API 682 plan 54
- low friction due to the optimal form of main sealing rings
- possibility to monitor the seals operation by quench fluid control
- pumps doesn't stop working in case of the failure of the main seal