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Special seals


d = 45..340 mm p = 0,8 .. 3 bar ; t <- 120...400 °C ; v<40 m/s


Radial seal, sealing rings are seated in the body with the possibility of movement. The seal operates on a very narrow aperture, it does not require additional lubrication and is designed for dry operation. The number of rings can vary from one to more than ten – depending on operation parameters. Rings can be split in order to ensure optimal assembly. The seal does not require any additional components to be mounted on the shaft, which could generate additional vibrations.


PGS shaft seals are radial seals for sealing gases, dust and vapours. They are used to seal the shafts of fans, blowers, mixers, dryers, centrifuges, bearings, etc. They can be used in almost all industries, such as chemistry, power engineering, sewerage technology, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food industries and marine technology.

Shaft seals of machines pumping gases which are inflammable, toxic and contaminated with particulate solids are supplied with neutral barrier gas that prevents the sealed medium from going out into the atmosphere. Barrier gas pressure must be higher than the medium pressure by ca. 0.1-0.2 bar. In case of high temperature applications, barrier gas also cools the seal.