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ANGA Uszczelnienia Mechaniczne Sp. z o.o. (ANGA Mechanical Seals LLC) is private Polish manufacturing business established in 1981. The headquarters of our company is situated in the south of Poland, in the Silesia province, in Kozy close to Bielsko-Biała.

ANGA specializes in the manufacture of face mechanical seals used in various machines with a rotating shaft, e.g., impeller pumps, mixers, reactors, compressors and fans.

We offer a wide range of face mechanical seals with the elastomer, metal and PTFE bellows, multi-spring, single and double ones, gas-dynamic (contactless) and compact (cartridge). We deliver seals with auxiliary installations and seal spare parts. In order to provide the high quality and durability of our products we use modern materials: silicon carbides, tungsten carbide, ceramics
Al2O3, carbon composites, titanium alloys, Hastelloy®.

Our customers are pump manufacturers, end users and service companies from many branches of industry: chemical, petrochemical, power engineering, food, mining, cellulose and paper, pharmaceutical, water and sewage as well as many others.

Export is occupying an increasingly important position in our sales year by year. At present, about half of our sales are directed at foreign markets, for example: 
Germany, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan and Switzerland.

All of our mechanical seals were developed on the basis of our own designs and are covered with the Polish and foreign patent protection.

To provide our customers with the highest product quality and state-of-the-art technological solutions, ANGA employs about 110 high-class specialists, it has implemented the Quality Management System acc. to ISO 9001, the Environmental Management System acc. to ISO 14001 and it applies modern methods of production management. Extensive research and development facilities include an accredited Testing Laboratory (metrological), seals test stands and a Design Department using CAD/CAM system.
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