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Dear Sir/Madam,

We kindly ask you to fill in this questionnaire. The information provided shall allow us to improve our products, services and the level of customer service further. We ensure that the answers given by you are for the information of our company only, and the information contained in the questionnaire shall be used to create better cooperation conditions between our companies. We would like to thank you in advance for your time spent on this questionnaire.

J. Weigel
Commercial Director


Very satisfied Satisfied Neither yes nor no Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied
1. Based on your recent experiences (in general), are you satisfied with contacts with "ANGA"?
2. What is your level of satisfaction with
- quality of ANGA products
- response to the RFQ
- sales process
- technical service
- training of the user’s employees
- time of service delivery
- effectiveness of phone, fax, e-mail, personal contacts
Absolutely yes Rather yes I do not have an opinion Rather not Absolutely not
3. Based on your contacts to date, would you recommend purchasing ANGA products to other people or companies?
4. Based on your contacts to date, would you purchase ANGA products again?


5. Which company products (from the mechanical seal group) do you buy most often? (please list)

6. Based on your contacts to date, how would you describe ANGA's attractiveness in comparison to other companies?

7. Which sources of technical and commercial information do you and your company use to search for technical novelties, new delivery directions, etc.?

a) press (which titles? – please list in order)


b) Internet

c) trade fairs, exhibitions, symposia. Which? (please list)

d) trainings. Which? (please list)

e) other sources. What? (please list)

8. In your opinion, how can we increase your satisfaction with products, services and level of service offered by "ANGA"?